Halloclub: An overture to the new era of the audio social professional networking world

Your Network Is Your Net Worth! Networking frames the strongest pillar of a successful business, but how many businesses or professionals can reach out to their targeted folks or organizations to expand their career opportunities. The answer will be definitely “very few.”  

The concern of limited networking in the professional world and lack of a platform offering real-time networking options was restricting the professional world to connect. To combat this issue, we incepted with an idea that brings all the professionals together, regardless of their profession or industry size on one platform. The thought of designing this app was to give an option to the professional world in which folks can communicate with their community people liberally. 

As a solution, we have designed Halloclub, an audio-based networking platform exclusively for businesses and professionals. Being at an initial stage of our conceptualization and development, we have planned to launch our private beta version to a very limited community of professionals to penetrate deep into the user’s expectations for further enhancements. 

In today’s professional world it’s not about who you know, rather it is more about who knows you? The way to your professional dreams can be made effective and lucrative if chosen the right networking channel. Gone are the days when the entire professional world was based on mutual networking. Now the bars of networking have grown higher and are much driven towards community networking and are framing the backbone of major business industries. Halloclub is rigorously heading towards building communities of professionals from distinct segments and allow you to create your goodwill in the professional industry and let you build your personal and professional brand.

Introducing Halloclub to the promptly transforming professional world:

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If you are an ambitious professional who is looking for an effective pathway that can connect you with the top professionals and brands of the same community, then Halloclub is your cup of tea. It is exclusively designed for the professional world. Either you are a business looking to create your own branding space in an audio networking channel or a professional working for an organization looking for an opportunity to connect with the companies and professionals of the same community; Halloclub is the perfect place to be.

Halloclub is an invite-only networking platform that offers direct communication within a group of community members along with an option to establish one-to-one networking. Being at the conceptualization stage, we are launching our private beta version to a limited community by allowing them to join the app only via invite code.

What makes Halloclub stands apart from the crowd of existing networking channels?

The foremost exception that has been made by Halloclub is building an exclusive platform for professionals where the users will not be limited with sending connection requests and waiting for the acceptance to communicate further. Rather, Halloclub is a voice-based networking channel that allows the user to join any active public room and become a part of the discussion. While joining the app you can select your area of interest and can become a member of clubs that falls under your interest to get connected with similar community members. The app is a stack of communication options that offers real-time networking keeping your connection priorities, such as public and private as a major concern.

Another biggest transformation that will be brought to the audio networking segment will be a space for brands where they can perform various activities for their business growth and brand enhancement. Halloclub will be serving a diversified range of solutions for businesses looking for a global space from where they can interact with customers, generate leads, get connected with professionals for recruitment, and many more. Halloclub will be the future of virtual business space for all types of business industries.