Business branding or community building: Halloclub is your right companion 

Social networking platforms are now emerging as one of the most potent tools for businesses from diverse industries to attain greater visibility and outreach in the global business world. To an extent, they have succeeded in showcasing their brand using business pages, viral posts, and paid ads. But the question here is “Does the outcome is worth their efforts?” Do the businesses are capable of converting the visitors of their online pages into customers or connections? Are the brands able to establish communication with all the visitors? Are the brands capable of explaining their actual business intentions within their two-liner ads and social media posts? 

Not of course. The stats of the lead generation segment on social media depict that more than 61% of marketers find it challenging to generate traffic and leads using social media platforms. On the other hand, 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on social media marketing but are hardly able to attain a better ROI. Challenges for the businesses are not limited to these, but there are many more concerns for which they are continuously seeking a solution or have concluded that social media is their platform to play a winning game.  

As a solution for all the above-stated problems, Halloclub will be making a mass entry to the professional networking world by early October 2021. Halloclub is an audio professional networking platform exclusively designed for brands and professionals, allowing them to create a dedicated space for their brand. Professionals and brands can collaborate with similar community members without keeping a limitation of text messages and graphical content using this spectacular audio professional networking app 

Halloclub: Unboxing a new experience for businesses 

You might have heard of several social audio platforms these days, but Halloclub is divergent in all aspects. One of the eminent virtues that push Halloclub far apart from the competition of social audio networking platform segments is its dedicated space for professionals and brands. It has depicted from several studies conducted over traditional social media platforms that professional networking platform performs 13% higher than the generic ones when it comes to lead generation and conversion. Being the only professional audio platform, Halloclub comes with an assurance to serve you with an excellent experience for your business enhancement.  

What would you gain with Halloclub as an entrepreneur? 

You might be already using an audio-based social media platform. But, does the social audio networking channels are not allowing you to create your brand space? If you are struggling to create your brand space in the audio platform then Halloclub is the right place for you. Here, you will be availed of distinct types of rooms for various business activities, such as public interaction with your audiences, private consultation with clients and customers, advertisement options, and many more. The usage of the app is not limited to any type of business or professional segment. Every professional and business is equally privileged to use this app.